These celebrity Net Worth will make shock you.

Celebrities are associated with glitz, glamour, stardom and shit loads of wealth. While its mostly true, it is not universal.

Ever looked at your wallet and bank balance and cured yourself for those extra drinks you ordered during the weekends? You are not alone. While many celebrities are unbelievably rich, some celebrities that live a seemingly extravagant life share your pity wallet story.

Here is a list of celebrities with shocking net worth.

#1 Chris Tucker

Tucker’s networth is -$11.5 million. MINUS 11.5 million. He was paid $20 million to do Rush Hour 2 and is $25 million for Rush Hour 3. But he owes IRS $11 million for taxes! He says he doesn’t even have money to pay his own bills. What’s your net worth? Mine is -$200 after the weekend. Wow, that felt good.


#2 Mekhi Phifer

You probably know Phifer from his role as “Future” from Eminem’s box office hit 8 Mile. Mekhi has been part of various hit TV series. His net worth is -$1.3 million. From taxes owned to IRS.


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