Double Famous: Celebrities with Famous Parents

If you are born with a silver spoon, there is always a chance that you will end up in the upper bracket of the society. If you have a last name that commands respect and recognition, that is job half done.

There are many celebrities that are born to famous parents. Though they are supremely talented and their success cannot be wholly contributed to their families, it’s safe to say that their breaks came easily as compared to us mere mortals.

Let’s look at some talented and famous people that have equally famous parents,

#1 Anjelina Jolie

Jon Voight, the Oscar-winning actor who has been part of many successful movies like Mission Impossible, Midnight Cowboy, National Treasure and the likes is Anjolie Jolie’s father. Anjelina later followed her famous father’s footsteps and equaled (and even surpassed) his achievements with memorable movies and an Oscar for “Girl, Interrupted”. She has even made a mark as a director with her “Unbroken”.

1#2 Scott Caan

Having been part of successful movies like Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen as well as Gone in Sixty Seconds, Scott Caan is a familiar name for movie lovers. He can also be seen in hit TV series Hawaii Five-O. Scott is the son of legendary actor James Caan. We all know James as Sunny Corleone in The God Father and its sequel. James is still busy acting and even made a guest appearance in his son’s series Hawaii Five-O.


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