10 Celebrity Transformations That Will Amaze You.

Want to get rid of that extra fat you put during the winter? Looking for some inspiration? We present you 10 incredible body transformations of celebrities that will certainly inspire you to buckle up and go that extra mile to get the body you want.

#1 Chris Pratt

The chubby guy who looked like a computer geek transformed into a handsome dude that lady go gaga over. He doesn’t look like the old Chris anymore.


#2 Jonah Hill

After he hired a nutritionist and changed his eating habits, Jonah Hill became a completely new man. His tip: eat more sushi and stay away from alcohol.2

#3 Jennifer Hudson

She lost 80 pounds to look fit, healthy and sexy. She likes staying active but doesn’t necessarily work out. But she makes sure that she controls her food.


#4 Nicole Richie

She used to be very relaxed about her lifestyle, but now Nicole Richie takes good care of herself. The results are for all to see.


#5 Kelly Osbourne

Do you remember the pink haired chubby Kelly? Well lost 70 pounds to look how she looks now- fabulous. She uses hula hoop everyday and does regular workouts.


#6 Chaz Bono

Bono took a few years to move to 165 pounds from 250 pounds. The secret? He took out 99% grains and dairy products away from his diet and survived on vegetables, meat, fruit and nuts.


#7 Nicole Polizzi

They say motherhood makes you put weight. But in Nicole’s case, she became thinner than ever after her first child. She works out 45 minutes daily and eats lean protein and vegetables.


#8 Perez Hilton

Hilton struggled with weight all his life. But in 2008 he took a resolution and decided to leave his weight troubles behind forever. He works out every day, does Pilate as well as yoga.


#9 Christina Aguilera

After Christina lost her weight and showed her fabulous figure to the world, it was rumored that she took help of liposuction. However, she claims that its all result of her dedication and hard work,


#10 Drew Carey

Before he was the host of The Price Is Right, Carey was overweight. He lost 100 pound before he became the show’s host. He cut his alcohol consumption and worked out. He also attributes books life Erroneous Zones by Wayne Dyer for his weight loss success.

Feeling inspired already? Good luck!


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